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Laminate Tips

Usage and Care

To help ensure many years of beauty and service from your new laminated countertop please observe the following:

Cleaning Procedures
  • Using a soft cloth, wash the surface with mild dishwashing liquid and warm water.
  • DO NOT use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads, as they will scratch the surface damaging both its beauty and its stain resistance.
  • DO NOT use cleaners containing acid, alkali, or sodium hypochlorite. Examples of cleaners to avoid are oven, metal, drain and ceramic cook-top cleaners as well as coffeepot cleaners, chlorine bleach, rust and lime scale removers.
  • DO use all-purpose cleaners such as Fantastic, Glass Plus, Lysol Brand Disinfectant Deodorizing Cleaner, Mr. Clean, Pine–Sol, Windex, or Baking soda paste mixed with water.
Protecting the Surface
  • Knives or other sharp utensils may cut or scratch the laminate surface, be sure to always use a cutting board when working with such items.
  • Heavy blows from a hammer or meat tenderizer may crack or gouge the surface. A chopping block is recommended for these applications.
  • Hot pans or activated electrical appliances should not be place on laminated surfaces, always use protective insulating pads.
  • Ensure that the range surface is above the deck of the countertop; this will protect your counter against heat deflection.
Seam & Joint Care
  • DO NOT allow water to stand on any joint. Water or steam may cause swelling of the joints. Water may seep into the joint which will result in swelling or de-lamination and is not covered under warranty.
  • Do not leave any heat source (coffee pot, toaster, slow cooker, electric skillet, etc.), wet cloth, or frozen food left to thaw directly on seam.
  • Ensure that the underside of the countertop around the dishwasher and the sink are sealed with silicone.

Granite Tips

Marble Granite countertops and tiles and other type of natural stone items are very durable, resilient and age beautifully. An average marble granite countertop or natural stone floor will outlast the house. However, certain care of granite countertop and tile is still necessary in order to keep its elegant appearance. The easiest way to keep granite countertop and tile looking great is to avoid any actions that may damage the granite, such as dropping heavy objects directly onto granite countertop surface and leaving acidic fluids on granite countertops for extend time.

Here are tips and suggestions on how to care and maintain marble granite countertops and tiles as well as other natural stone products such as stairs, furniture, marble fireplace mantel surrounds etc.

  • always clean up spills on the granite countertop immediately. Many liquids such as wines, juices and sodas contain acidic substances that will etch through polish of countertop and stain the surface.
  • Always use sponge or soft cloth clean granite countertops and tiles. Special granite stone cleaner is highly recommended but warm water with dish soap will work for a quick cleaning up. Avoid using excessive soap as it will build up on granite countertop and dull it shininess.
  • Use coaters or table mates under all glasses and bottles when placing on the granite kitchen countertop. Although good sealing to certain extent prevents acids from etching through the granite countertop and tile, this in no means is bullet proof. So preventive caring for granite countertops and tiles is necessary.
  • Make sure to rinse cups, dishes and glasses before piling them up on the granite countertops.
  • Although granite itself is resistant to heat, it is still suggested to place hot pads between heated cookware and granite kitchen countertop as high heat may change the color of polished granite countertop surface.
  • Always use cutting board and avoid cutting objects direct on granite countertop. This will prevent scratching the countertop at the same tile protecting your knife's edge.
  • don't use bleaches, degreasers or glass cleaners to clean granite countertop and tile.
  • Don’t use vinegars, lemon or orange as cleaners. 3. Never sit or stand or a granite countertop.
  • Don’t put bathroom products, such as perfumes, hair gels, nail oils and lotions directly on a granite countertop.

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